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Killerbees Gaming [KBG] is a gaming community that is currently involved with Minecraft and World of Warcraft. We have community Minecraft servers and a World of Warcraft guild. We also provide server hosting at Hivehosted.

I wanted to start over the discussion thread so that people can visit an updated thread and not have to read all of the drama to get information out of it.

IR 7.0 is in: Beta

Goals and Opinions

- Focus on Industrial and Automation
- Difficulty will be on solving problems and building factories efficiently, not on mobs or hunger mechanics
- Custom recipes like Infinity Expert
- Try to not have magic or duplicate mechanics unless said mechanics are different enough to justify having
- Return of Dynmap on server release
- Want to figure out a way to reward old donors of IR, I miss the old dancing NPC's of all old donors
- Less focus on decoration mods, they were getting out of hand with how many we had before
- Server will have a world border like this old version but hopefully providing enough room to not load everyone
- There will be a mining world for frame mining machines and other style stuff
- I'd prefer to remove the nether and allow the resources to be gathered another way. I'd rather allow geo and not have the op nether pools
- Request for a grave feature might be filled with this mod
- If one mod is way better at a specific feature than another, then recipes and tech tree will attempt to push it later so all mod items are useful
- I want a spawn like we had with IR 4.0 (I think it was that), where we had the dome spawn. Something simple but provides everything we need. Also setting up a rail or TP network to getting around the map. Having the server do it is nice but often never gets finished so probably best for me to do it.
- No quest book system like I tried with PR, I spent 150+ hours on it and no...
Removed Calculator
Removed HardcoreEnderExpansion
Added Enchiridion
Added Gravity Gun
Added Hardcore-questing-mode
Added Iron-chests
Added Malisisdoors
Added Minechem
Added Nuclearcraft-mod
Added Openperipheral
Added Openblocks
Added Portalgun
Added Securitycraft
Added Shadersmodcore
Updated IC2

Obviously going to change recipes of everything. Some items will be disabled. Need to decide on Hexcraft, Minechem, Nuclearcraft Mod and SecurityCraft.

Test server is online.

The server will be getting dynmap when it's released.

IR 7.0 Discussion
Removed Forge Essentials (it deleted all of my permissions and before I noticed it, all backups with the old data were removed to make room for new backups, so I raged and said no more)
Added FTB Utilities

Updated Backpacks
Updated BOP
Updated Botania
Updated Fastcraft
Updated Forge Essentials
Updated Galacticraft
Updated Immersive Engineering
Updated MalisisAdvert
Updated MalisisCore
Updated Project Red
Updated Storage Drawers
IR 7.0alpha1 is now out.

This is a very very very rough setup. I threw some mods together to test. This point is for just seeing which mods are worth it and which direction we want to go. There is no server currently, there will be one once we leave alpha. So just use SSP and test away.

Please leave feedback in the Industrial Rage forum. I really want to get IR back to IR 4 and 5 days if possible.

IR 7.0 Discussion
Updated BiomesOPlenty
Updated Botania
Updated DragonAPI
Updated Electricraft
Updated Forge Essentials
Updated Galacticraft
Updated Immersive Engineering
Updated NEI Integration
Updated OpenComputers
Updated OpenModsLib
Updated OpenModularTurrets
Updated Reactorcraft
Updated Realistic Torches
Updated rftools
Updated Rotarycraft
Updated Waila Harvestability
Changed Biome Size From Large to Normal
Adjust Nether Quests to have potion quests optional
Added Recipe for Radiation Goggles
Fixed Recipe for oxygenMask
Set turrets to not hit trusted players
Nerfed Excavator from 77000 ores to 4096 ores per chunk
Updated Agricraft
Updated Biomes o Plenty
Updated DragonAPI
Updated ElectriCraft
Updated Reactorcraft
Updated Rotarycraft
Removed recipe for better records laser due to crash

Downgrade DragonAPI, ElectriCraft, Rotarycraft, Reactorcraft due to crash with Galacticraft and they say it's on Galacticraft end. No fix in sight.
Updated Agricraft (weeds return)
Updated Botania
Updated Draconic Evolution
Updated Forge Essentials
Updated Galacticraft
Updated Immersive Engineering (hopefully makes floodlights less poo after restarts)
Added Recipe for Blank Records (for better records mod)
Fixed Agricraft Quests and Added 2 More
Updated Forge Essentials
Updated Agricraft

Fixed Rotarycraft Gearbox Quests
Updated Agricraft
Updated Armourers Workshop
Added Better Records
Updated Botania
Added Cooking For Blockheads
Updated Eirairc
Updated HQM
Updated Immersive Engineering Alpha
Updated NEI Integration
Updated Harvestcraft
Updated Storage Drawers
Fixed Summoning Staff Quest to require less
Removed Craftable Bedrock Recipe
Friction Heater no longer provides XP (fixes exploit)
Updated Bookshelf
Updated Botania
Updated Chisel
Updated EnchantingPlus
Updated Immersive Engineering (new stuff)
Updated Journeymap
Updated Llibrary
Updated Modtweaker
Updated NotEnoughResources
Updated Storage Drawers
Reverted nerf to Spriggan Damage. Nerf to defense remains. Use axe to kill them.

Reverted Llibrary Update

Updated Immersive Engineering to Alpha to fix energy.
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