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Killerbees Gaming [KBG] is a gaming community that is currently involved with Minecraft and World of Warcraft. We have community Minecraft servers and a World of Warcraft guild. We also provide server hosting at Hivehosted. Wanting to join the rest of our members? Feel free to sign up today.

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Killerbees Gaming [KBG] is a gaming community that is currently involved with Minecraft and World of Warcraft. We have community Minecraft servers and a World of Warcraft guild. We also provide server hosting at Hivehosted.

- Website Update -

Updated Forum (Xenforo) Software

Decided to update the forum software from 1.2.5 to 1.5 Beta. This should help performance of the forum and add additional quality of life improvements. Plus this allows some plugins to be used that require later versions of xenforo. Had to renew the license for $40 for another year.

Theme Update
Also updated the theme to reflect the update. I heard the overall voices that they wanted a darker theme for the website. I hope people like the new theme and provide feedback on the color scheme and background image. I can change any of it still.

Forum Ranks
User Rank List

Wordpress Removal
I removed the wordpress part of the website and went back to our old format using a portal for xenforo. It should be nicer given how they require $40 for the pro version that works.

Videos Plugin
I updated the videos (xenmedia) plugin to now be able to support youtube videos. The API changed and they required payment to use their updated plugin that works. I plan to use this to make playlists for mod spotlights and such. Like right now you can submit mod spotlights for the mods in Industrial Rage and Project Rage. Then when members need help with a mod, they can just go to the videos page, select the server playlist and watch the videos. I would appreciate help submitting useful videos people like.

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I noticed our old store was no longer really being used with the new EULA and was just a simple donation module, I didn't feel the need to pay monthly to keep it running. (Yes, I often paid...
Due to using the solder setup, the version numbers reset. Grab the new pack.

Updated Configs
Updated CustomMainMenu
Added MalisisAdvert
Added MineMenu
Added NotEnoughResources
Added ResourceLoader
Added TradeBooth
What is Solder?

TechnicSolder is an API that sits between a modpack repository and the launcher. It allows you to easily manage multiple modpacks in one single location. It's the same API we use to distribute our modpacks!

Using Solder also means your packs will download each mod individually. This means the launcher can check MD5's against each version of a mod and if it hasn't changed, use the cached version of the mod instead. What does this mean? Small incremental updates to your modpack doesn't mean redownloading the whole thing every time!

Didn't I already have the modpack installed?

Yes, but the Solder system required me to make a new pack mod to link the new setup. The old dimensional rage beta pack will no longer work. This took me over 6-7 hours to setup, please try to enjoy it.

Do you mean my config settings and waypoints will stay on updates?

Yes, they should. Update times are also reduced by roughly 90%.

Where is the link to the new pack?

Killerbees Gaming - How to join Project Rage
The server for 6.0 took a dump and ruined the map due to forge essentials backup module being turned on and not deleting old backups. So it locked up the VPS and corrupted it. Fuzzy has then since decided to stop managing the server so I have decided to continue the server as per tradition. I will allow anyone who is interested in being staff for the server.

I need a set list of mods people want. If I don't get many suggestions, I'll just do the current setup without Gregtech. (IC2 is required, it's always been an IC server) The goal is to remove anything that lags the server to stop the issue we've had. We also are dropping the KBG Launcher for my packs. The launcher does not support the new forge and grand is MIA. So we will stick to the Technic Launcher. I will try to get solder setup. (the way the KBG Launcher downloads files, not an entire zip every update) I do though want to keep the mods for IR andn the other server separate enough where they aren't mixing too much.

The server will be free build. Not really any rules different than the current 6.0 ones. This isn't a 7.0 pack due to nothing really different from 6.0 will be going on.

Do note though that my main focus will be on the other server as I need a break from the normal tech mods. I though will keep IR updates and running well as everyone should expect from my history.
Updated Agricraft/Harvestcraft/HungerOverhaul configs (use tall grass and grass blocks to get seeds, then mutate)
Updated Lycanites Configs (Spriggan spawn rate -50%, cinders no longer drop blaze rods)
Updated BoP
Updated Chisel2
Updated CoFHCore
Updated Decocraft
Updated DragonAPI
Updated Forge Essentials
Updated Immersive Engineering
Updated Reactorcraft
Updated Rotarycraft
Updated Storage Drawers
Updated Thermal Foundation
Removed Fastcraft Beta on client
CE2RYB2WgAAPRFb (1).png
I've built a very very early beta mod pack for a pack centered around immersive engineering. I fucking love the idea of the mod and wanted a pack that wouldn't add anything that was better or cheaper than the mod. While also adding fun things to distract people.

I couldn't think of a better name. I also haven't figured out if I'm going to add anything that adds automated mining. I'm totally open to suggestions and a server will be coming soon. Looking for feedback. Mods will be changed, configs edited and some mods even removed. I just wanted to post this before I went to bed.

Due to massive mining and possible "Water holes," I am going to be resetting the mining world on Friday (29th) morning. I was originally planning for the first of the month, but again, due to Time outs and "Water Holes" along with the addition of Big Reactors for RF generation, this will be the 29th.

This is a Water Hole. It is made when a fluid flows into an area being dug by quarries. If the stone is dug out under the water, it creates another drop which causes the water to flow even more. THESE WILL IMPACT THE SERVER.
While trouble shooting the massive time out issues I was forced to remove the current nether. When implementing it back, it was causing the server to go into a crash loop so I went ahead and regenerated it. I have a backup file of the nether if needed.

If you lost any big equipment, post here so I can get some refunds out.
New update is here. As you can see the update list is quite massive. The biggest changes are Gregtech related, updated to include soldering irons (no more ducttape issues pre mv!). Also, the beast is back, Fusion Reactors!

Forge updated to 1387
ForegeEssentials updated to 6
Removed Fastcraft, Forgeissues

Mod Updates
AE2 updated to latest stable beta build #33
BiblioCraft updated to 1.10.4
Buildcraft updated to 6.4.15
Carpenter's Blocks updated to 3.3.6
Chisel2 updated to
CodeChickenCore updated to
EnderIO updated to
EnderStorage updated to
ExtrabiomesXL updated to 3.16.2
ExtraUtilities updated to 1.2.4c
Fastcraft updated to 1.21
Forestry updated to
Gregtech updated to 5.08.11
IC2NuclearControl updated to 2.2.1a
Industrialcraft-2 updated to 2.2.719
MobiusCore updated to 1.2.5
MrTJPCore updated to
neiaddons updated to
NEIIntegration updated to 1.0.9
NotEnoughItems updated to
OpenBlocks updated to 1.4.3
OpenModsLib updated to 0.7.3
OpenPeripheral updated to AIO-4
Opis updated to 1.2.5
ProjectRed-Suite updated to
Railcraft updated to
RemainInMotion updated to

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